Samantha and Brandon Lucien’s Manor Wedding Photos

Event Date: April 16, 2021

Lucien's Manor Wedding Photos

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Congratulations to Samantha and Brandon on their lovely wedding! The couple got married on April 16th, 2021, at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin NJ.  We are excited to be able to feature these beautiful  Lucien’s Manor Wedding Photos on our website!

Before the wedding, Samantha and Brandon exchanged gifts with each other through a teapot. We thought this was a unique take on a gift exchange make sure to check out their Lucien’s Manor Wedding Photos. They’re absolutely genius! At their wedding, they used #sayyesfool which we also found absolutely creative.

As many people know, weddings take a village. Samantha and her bridesmaid got ready together. Samatha wore a mesmerizing strapless dress. Her bridesmaid wore a light pink dress that complemented Samantha’s wedding dress. Meanwhile, Brandon wore a white suit with a gorgeous boutonniere. While his groomsmen wore black suits. 

Their ceremony was very bright and happy. As Samantha walked down the aisle Brandon became very emotional and excited as Samantha approached the altar. You could tell just how much they love each other during the ceremony.

After their vows, the reception was also held at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin NJ. The couple and their families took jaw-dropping photos in front of a picturesque gazebo. Lucien Manor is known for its extravagant wedding ballrooms. You will most likely see the bridal party going down its extraordinary staircase.

At the reception, you can also witness an excitement in Lucien’s Manor Wedding Photos as he was surprised with his very own groom cake! The groom’s cake was football-themed and looked delicious!  

The couple had a blast on the dance floor with their guest. What a fantastic day filled with so much endless energy. Our photographers nailed it in capturing the pure love and joy in your Lucien’s Manor Wedding Photos were are thrilled we could be a part of such a momentous day.


Congratulations again to Samantha and Brandon on their wedding day! We wish you a happy future together. 


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