Sharona and Dylan’s Wedding at Graeme Park

Sharona and Dylan’s Wedding at Graeme Park

Event Details:


Date: September 22, 2018

Names: Sharona & Dylan

Venue: Graeme Park, Horsham PA

Congratulations Sharona and Dylan on their recent wedding! This happy couple held their wedding at Graeme Park in Horsham Pennsylvania on September 22, 2018. 

Sharona and Dylan both were very excited for their special day.  The groom was happy to read a letter from his future bride, as loved ones surrounded him while he got ready to marry the love of his life. Meanwhile, the bride also read a letter she received from Michael. Sharona was doing her makeup beautifully and our NJ Wedding Photographer captured each moment. The bridal party took pictures at in front of her house before they left for the ceremony.

This rustic woodsy outdoor ceremony had the perfect weather for the couple. The breathtaking bride entered after her bridal party and was so  jubilant to see her future husband. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the couple sharing a few laughs, their heartfelt vows, and their exchanging of rings. All the guests were so happy for Sharona and Michael and blew multiple bubbles for an amazing exit for the couple as newlyweds. 

Sharona and Michael walked into their reception hand in hand, happy to be sharing their first dance as husband and wife. Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured all the guests having a wonderful time dancing and playing games. There were very sincere speeches that made that day even more memorable for the couple. The wedding was so special and we were so happy to be apart of Sharona and Michael’s wedding.

Congratulations again, to Sharona and Dylan! We wish you a happily ever after!