Tanea and Aaron’s Wedding at Ambassador Banquet & Catering

Event Date: October 5, 2019

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Tanea and Aaron’s Wedding at Ambassador Banquet & Catering

Congratulations to Tanea and Aaron on their beautiful wedding! They celebrated with their loved ones at Ambassador Banquet & Catering in Trenton, NJ. From ring to reception and everything in between, our top wedding photographers in New Jersey captured the memories!

First, the early morning was spent getting wedding ready with the couple’s wedding parties. Tanea looked like a princess in her beaded gown and dazzling accessories. In addition, her bridesmaids complemented her vibrant maroon and pink flower bouquet with their gowns. Meanwhile, Aaron had assistance putting on his bow tie to complete his look. Once the morning preparations were complete, the wedding parties ventured to the New Jersey State Museum for portraits. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the architecture was the perfect backdrop for every photo! 

After the photo session, it was time for the moment that everyone was waiting for. Aaron was at the church to marry the love his life! Of course, our top wedding photographers in New Jersey made sure to snap pictures of the bride walking down the aisle through the exchanging of vows. At last, this happy couple kissed to seal their marriage forever! Before taking the dance floor in just a little while, the couple took advantage of the beautiful church to take more portraits. 

The ballroom at Ambassador Banquet & Catering looked simply captivating with the wide open dance floor and elegant decor. Moreover, these newlyweds did not skimp on the details one bit! For example, their cupcake bar was featured sparkly gold and pink balloons and a “Love” sign front and center. Not only did our top wedding photographers in New Jersey capture these little details, but also got photos of the guests dancing the night away!

Congratulations, again, to the newlyweds! We wish you nothing but the best in your future!

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