Taylor and Bill’s Wedding at the Ocean City Yacht Club

Taylor and Bill’s Wedding at the Ocean City Yacht Club

Event Details:


Date: November 10, 2018

Names: Taylor & Bill

Venue: Ocean City Yacht Club

Congratulations to Taylor and Bill on their lovely fall wedding! The couple wed on November 10th 2018, at the Ocean City Yacht Club.

The couple anxiously awaited the start of their dream wedding.  Everything was in order and the lovebirds couldn’t wait until they were officially man and wife.  Our NJ Wedding photographer showed up to the ceremony to capture stunning pictures of the wedding scenery before guests arrived. 

At the ceremony loved ones made their way into the beautiful venue.  Finally it was time to see the breathtaking bride make her way down the aisle. Taylor’s bridesmaids came down first, wearing beautiful aqua colored gowns. Then, Taylor made her big reveal where our NJ Wedding photographer caught the adorable first look of Bill seeing his bride for the first time. Taylor and Bill exchanged their vows and ended the ceremony with a kiss.  

The newlyweds and their family made their way to the reception hall overlooking the ocean, a stunning view.  There, the families of the bride and groom danced and celebrated the newly wed couple.  Our NJ Wedding Photographer even caught romantic photos of the two dancing to their song.  This wedding was one to remember and we are ecstatic to have been a part of such an amazing event!

Congratulations again to Taylor and Bill! We hope your marriage is filled with pure bliss and happiness.