Bar Mitzah

Alexandra’s Sweet Sixteen at West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment

Happy Birthday to Alexandra on her very happy sweet 16th unbirthday party! Alexandra transported all her guests down the rabbit hole as they celebrated her 16th birthday in a whimsical way at the West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment Complex in Naunet, NY. The reception was glowing in red and blue ambient lighting and the decor transported you to a wonderland inspired night club with large crystal pillars and a large white dance floor, accompanied by modern white and checkered furniture, perfect…

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Raquel’s Bat Mitzvah at Pantagis Renaissance

Congratulations to Raquel on her Bat Mitzvah! This elaborate Bat Mitzvah party was beautiful, and Enchanted Celebrations was honored to be a part of it! Our New Jersey Photographers agreed that Snuffy’s Pantagis Renaissance was the perfect setting for this celebratory event. They had a blast capturing the loving connection of Raquel with her family and friends. Raquel looked stunning in her strapless blue tool dress with a blinged-out belt. She sparkled from head to toe, and it just began…

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