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Amanda and Cody’s Wedding at Eagle Oaks Country Club

Congratulations to Amanda and Cody on their unforgettable summer wedding! The lovely couple said their “I do’s” at Eagle Oaks Country Club. Our Trending Wedding Photographers in NJ were there to capture every moment of their special day. To begin her day, Amanda got ready with her gorgeous bridesmaids in matching robes! Once the champagne was popped and celebrations began, Amanda was ready to slip into her gown. She wore a stunning lace gown. Then, her bridesmaids put on their…

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Rachel and Bill’s Wedding at Penn Oaks Country Club

Congratulations to Rachel and Bill on their picturesque wedding at Penn Oaks Country Club in West Chester, Pennsylvania! From sunrise to sunset, our best wedding videographers PA captured every little detail of their remarkable wedding day. First thing in the morning, Rachel began getting ready with her bridesmaids at the venue. While sipping mimosas, Rachel got her hair and makeup done. Her bridesmaids were matching in their floral robes. They helped the bride to be slip into her elegant white…

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Versailles Ballroom at the Ramada Toms River Wedding Photos

Vanessa and Derron’s Wedding at Versailles Ballroom

Congratulations to Vanessa and Derron for their stunning wedding! Our Versailles Ballroom at the Ramada Toms River Wedding Photos helped turn all their special moments into amazing memories! First, Vanessa began her day with her beautiful bridesmaids getting ready in matching silk robes. Before putting their gorgeous dresses on, they started the celebrations with some champagne. Next, Vanessa slipped on her elegant gown and her floor length veil. Her bridesmaids all wore light pink strapless gowns. Meanwhile, Derron was getting ready…

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Heena and Tyler’s Wedding at Smithville Inn

Congratulations to Heena and Tyler on their gorgeous wedding at The Smithville Inn! Their lovely ceremony was just as beautiful as their Smithville Inn Wedding Photos. From sunrise to sunset, our team was there to capture every special moment between the bride and groom. Fist, Heena had a full morning of preparation. Heena sipped at her pink flamingo drink while getting her hair and makeup done in a luxurious ivory robe. Her mother helped lace up her elegant white and…

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Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos

Colleen and Brian’s Wedding at Atlantis Ballroom

Congratulations to Colleen and Brian on their super fun Boardwalk wedding! The happy couple said “I do” on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, followed with a reception at the Atlantis Ballroom Toms River Hotel. Their special day will always be remembered with their gorgeous Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos.  The day started with the bride getting ready with her close family and friends. Brian wore a navy blue suit that matched Colleen’s adorable Beauty and the Beast themed shoes. Before the ceremony,…

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Jodie and Lance’s Wedding at The Mainland at the Holiday Inn

Congratulations to Jodie and Lance on their unforgettable August wedding at The Mainland at the Holiday Inn! Our wedding photographer videographer NJ was there to capture every single step of the bride and groom’s remarkable day.  First, Jodie spent the morning sipping bright orange mimosas with her beautiful bridesmaids. The beauties, wearing breathtaking teal dresses, helped lace up Jodie into her gorgeous white dress. They shared cocktails, smiles, and laughs as they prepared for the ceremony. Our wedding photographer videographer…

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Brittany and Chris’ Wedding at Belle Voir Manor

Congratulations to Brittany and Chris on their beautiful August wedding.  The wedding was held at Belle Voir Manor in Bensalem, PA. The trending wedding photos in PA were able to capture memorable pictures for everyone.   First, the bride and bridesmaids got their hair and makeup done.  The mother of the bride helped her get into her gown.  Brittany’s gown was extremely elegant and has a beautiful lace pattern. The bridesmaid’s dresses are a perfect shade of tan and complements the groomsmen,…

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Kimberly and Achraf’s Wedding at The Grand Hotel Cape May

Congratulations to Kimberly and Achraf on their summer wedding! They celebrated at The Grand Hotel Cape May located in Cape May, NJ. Here, our Beach Wedding DJ NJ got everyone to celebrate this wonderful event in style! First, her bridesmaids helped her slip into her stunning white dress! Then, she posed with family for pictures, which helped capture how proud they are of their bright young star! Meanwhile, Achraf flashed a dark blue blazer with bright white pants, which featured the…

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Siobhan and Peter’s Wedding at Crystal Point Yacht Club

Congratulations to Siobhan and Peter on their perfect wedding held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ! The memories from their special day will be remembered forever with their Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Photos! Siobhan began her day surrounded by her gorgeous bridesmaids in their matching floral robes. Then, Siobhan slipped on her stunning strapless lace gown. Meanwhile, Peter was putting on his dashing tan suit alongside his groomsmen. Now, they were both ready to meet…

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Grittney and Michael’s Wedding at Sherwood Chalet

Congratulations, Grittney and Michael on their wedding at Sherwood Chalet! Our Popular NJ Wedding DJs got everyone up out of their seats to celebrate! First, Grittney slipped on a red detailed outfit,  paired with dazzling jewelry and red lipstick. Then, she posed for gorgeous portraits before seeing Michael! Following was a Chinese tea ceremony. It was such a special and memorable time that the couple shared in with loved ones before capturing more outdoor portraits! Grittney and Michael got incredible shots…

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