Zarna and Rashmin’s wedding at a Private Residence

Zarna and Rashmin’s wedding at a Private Residence

Event Details:


Date: May 19, 2019

Names: Zarna & Rashmin

Venue: Deewan Banquet

Congratulations to this beautiful couple, Zarna and Rashmin! Before their wedding at the Deewan Banquet in Piscataway, NJ, they had a special, traditional henna ceremony. Our best of weddingwire nj wedding photographers did an incredible job documenting the details and fun from this unique celebration!

First, our best of weddingwire nj wedding photographers documented the festivities that took place during the religious ceremony for Zarna. This memorable ceremony called for henna tattoos to be drawn on her hands, arms, and feet. The intricate designs from the tattoos looked so beautiful as they were being creatively painted by hand just for her!  In addition, their colorful outfits perfectly complemented each tattoo design. As an example, Zarna wore a deep emerald colored dress. Together, everyone showed off their awesome hennas to the camera for portraits, indoors and outdoors! They will cherish these pictures for a lifetime to come! 

All day long, friends and family at the ceremony could not help but smile in the photos! Slowly but surely, the couple’s wedding will be here. Of course, our best of weddingwire nj wedding photographers will be present once again to capture the entire wedding along with all the special traditions that come along with it. 

Again, a huge congratulations goes to Zarna and Rashmin on their upcoming wedding! Also, thank you for letting us be a part of your traditions and more!

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