Feel like your New Jersey wedding is all about the bride? Want to include your future hubby into the wedding or give him something special? Here’s a great idea, Grooms Cakes! These are an easy way for brides to give their groom something that is totally themed to him in her Monmouth County wedding!

One of the newest trends for brides to surprise their groom with on the wedding day; is a grooms cake! These cakes are designed especially for your groom, with specific themes, and silly quotes.  This is a fun way to let your groom know you haven’t forgotten about him with all the planning, and that you do (yes, us ladies do) remember what men love! So start out by choosing a groom’s cake made with their favorite football team/stadium, or how about if you pick a jersey, or a favorite hobby? With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to pick!

So how do you pick the flavor of the inside? Well that’s easy, while you and your groom are cake tasting, remember his favorite piece. This is a fun and simple way to surprise your groom, and remind him why you’re simply the best! Groom’s cakes are typically one-layer cakes, but have the ability to be as big as you chose! Is your hubby-to-be a fire fighter? Or a police officer? Poker/Casino loving? Chose a cake that can really make him giggle! This cake is typically served at the rehearsal dinner, or alongside of the wedding cake on the big day.

These cakes can truly add some fun to you Monmouth County wedding and show what a silly and fun couple you too are! Now don’t forget to have your Monmouth County wedding photographer document your adorable grooms cake because once your groom eats it all up it gone! Wedding photography may be the only way to document the surprise on your groom’s face when he sees the cake!

So think outside of the box, here at Enchanted Celebrations we believe that’s always more fun!! Visit our website to learn more about the services we can offer you at enchantedcelebrations.com