The traditional wedding cake is over. Brides are no longer using the standard three tier iced cakes. The new trend in North Jersey weddings is cupcakes! I mean who does not love a cupcake? So many different flavors and frostings, instead of having one big cake all the same you and your guests can have samples of all your favorite kinds of cakes.You might be wondering; how do I integrate cupcakes into my North Jersey wedding?

Many brides are choosing cupcakes over cakes as a new cute and easy way to put a twist on the tradition ‘cutting of the cake’ ceremony. If you do not want to eliminate the wedding cake all together, you can have cupcakes and a cake. By having a one layer of cake on top and the cupcakes on lower tiers below, it still allows the bride and groom to take pictures cutting the cake. Personalized cupcakes are a great way to give guests something to take home from the Bergen County wedding. In addition, brides have a variety of flavors to choose from and many different decorations.

Cupcakes are perfect for all types of North Jersey weddings. Many brides love the new idea of tier of wedding cupcakes and are breaking the stereotype of cake only. They are mostly seen in casual NJ beach weddings or whimsical weddings that want to stand out and be different. But you can also incorporate them into a modern wedding for a chic addition.

Bottom line is: If you want something different and delicious, cupcakes add a modern alternative to the classic wedding cake.

Wedding cakes are a great way to be unique in your North Jersey wedding but there are also so many other ways to add flare to your special day! Enchanted Celebrations can help you to add some special to your wedding or help plan out all the details. Check out our website for more info or click on the button below to start making a wedding checklist!