Are you not into the idea of posed and formal photographs? Would you rather spend time dancing on the dance floor than posing outside? Well maybe you should trade in a professional wedding photographer for a photobooth!


Photobooths can allow you to have only fun times at your wedding and capture funny pictures of your guests as well! Each and every one of your guests will have the opportunity to pose and play around in the photobooth. They will be creating memories as well as photographs for you and your groom to keep!


Another great way that photobooth can help to create lasting memories for you and your groom is with a scrapbook. After each guest takes a picture in the photobooth they can place the picture in a scrapbook and write you two a note!


Ultimately photobooths are a more personal way to capture lasting images of your wedding day! You can document the people you spent the day with and memories you had together instead of documenting the flowers and tablecloths.


Photobooths are fun! If you want to look into having one at your wedding talk to your wedding photography or ask Enchanted Celebrations! We can easily connect you with a photobooth vendor and can help you find the perfect package to fit your wedding budget.