Black and white photography vs color photography. Which is better for what moments in your Atlantic County wedding? We know a bride is not going to chose one over the other but there may be some photographs you what in black and white over color.


So what are the rules? First of all there are no rules, but these are some advantages to each that may help a bride decide what moment is right for what type of film.


Let’s start with black and white. This is known for documenting emotional moments. So that first dance with your husband, the nerves in your room getting ready, the dance with your father, and your first kiss as husband and wife are all great memories to be preserved in black and white. However black and white can also be used to show off the emotions of your special day by capturing candid moments of laughter and tears!


On the other hand color is great for capturing things like food, flowers, the venue, and your guests! All things that have vibrant color you will want to have photographed in color so you remember it just as it was. Color photography is great for displaying the theme and actual look of your wedding.

So what does a bride choose? Or do you even have to choose; can you combine both styles into one day? Well yes you can! It is just important that if you are going to do this you tell your Atlantic County wedding photographer that you want both black and white and color photography. It may require having another photographer at the wedding depending on how much of each type of photography you want.


Enchanted Celebrations is a great place to help a bride find photographers who can offer both black and white or color film. All of our South Jersey wedding photographers are professional and can capture the moments of your wedding day with ease.