When having a big wedding, entertaining your guests is very important but may be the most stressing task. More weddings are incorporating play into their festivities, so why don’t you?
While somes games are usually geared toward entertaining the younger generation, others will excite even the hardest guest. Potential games like “I Spy” have been popular this year during wedding receptions.

Don’t be afraid to add some fun and surprise to your wedding reception with a few games.Think about this: it’s a perfect way to burn off calories from the great reception meal.

A game like “Can’t Touch This” would be a great start to the fun and games. Inspired by the classic children’s game of musical chairs, the guests are required to have quick hands and rhythm. For this game, you will need to create bags of candy tied with ribbon or any other trinket and an energetic song to maintain the up-tempo pace of the game.
The objective of ts game is to have the guests stand in a circle and at the sound of the music have the guests quickly pass the candy around the circle. Then when the music stops, everyone stops moving and the person with the candy is eliminated. !

Again, do not be afraid to spice up your wedding reception with a few games to allow your guests to have a little more fun and possibly relive some childhood experiences.

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