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When planning your own wedding you may get overwhelmed once you find out how many details actually go into it. Many brides and grooms tend to overlook the simple details, while trying to satisfy the big details of their wedding. One thing that’s important is to not overlook the DJ you are hiring and the music you are asking him/her to play. The heart of your entertainment depends on the DJ and if you aren’t familiar with whom you have chosen your wedding could take a turn for the worst. This part one article will specifically discuss the different aspects of music, which in turn, will help you find the best wedding DJ’s in central Jersey!

DJ’s: For Better or For Worse?
When some people hear the word “DJ” they think of the guy at the front of the club who is mixing music and a combination of sounds that leaves you barely even making out the words. Others think of the terrible excuse of a “DJ” that was the entertainment at their middle school dance, who played outdated music and barely looked up from their computer the entire time, let alone cracked a smile. However, the good news is, that wedding DJ’s do not have to fall into these two horrendous categories! When looking for a DJ for your wedding it is important to find someone that you’re comfortable with, that you think will be entertaining, and is affordable for your price range. Being explicit with your DJ about what type of music you want can avoid a music catastrophe! If you are having trouble thinking of music that is appropriate for your wedding, check out our “Top 100 Most Requested Songs of 2012.”

Electric Slide: Appropriate or Not?
Everyone knows it, everyone’s done it and let’s face it, people love it! Especially all of the mom’s, grandma’s, and grandpa’s who have been doing it for years. However, this song does carry a connotation of old school. But, as a bride you should be considering whether it is more important for you to keep that element of elegance or for your guests to dance to that oh-so-familiar song. If it is something you’d like to have, try mixing it in with new era music that your younger guests will enjoy as well!

Still overwhelmed about where to start? Check Enchanted Celebrations Meet our DJs page, where you can see each of the DJs’ full biography to pick your best-fit!

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