A wedding video does not have to be the same old, same old. As the bride and groom you can ask your videographer to do some things to help make it your video of your wedding unique!

So what can be done? Well here are a couple ideas that can change your wedding video from boring to something you are excited to sit down on watch!


Choose different filters or formatting. When your videographer goes to edit your wedding footage talk to them about making the film look grainy like an old documentary, or talk about using different formats so the layout isn’t always the same.


Do a wedding song music video. The wedding song you pick as you and your sweetie’s first dance can be made into a music video! This may require shooting some special scenes at the wedding of you lip-syncing the song, but your videographer can also use wedding footage in the video as well!


Try a cinematic theme. Using black and white, and color footage your videographer can edit the film to be like that of an old Hollywood film. This type of wedding video will be entertaining as well as timeless. Plus the switching between color and black and white footage is an interesting visual that will keep the eye intrigued!


Make a movie trailer. Why not use your wedding footage to make it look like the next big blockbuster! This day was the biggest event in your life so why not make the wedding video seem like a larger than life movie!