The day of your wedding is the most important day to you. You want to capture almost every moment of it a picture at a time. Photographs will remain one of the most cherished memories of the wedding.
At Enchanted Celebrations, we take delight in capturing the joy and excitement of your event. Why? Because we have a passion for photography and in making your event as perfect as you planned. The goal is to deliver photographs of distinction that you and everyone else will cherish for a lifetime.

For every bride, taking wedding photos and making a collection of memories is different. Your options for different types are photos are open, from black-and-white to candids and even to formal pictures. It would be a great opportunity to take advantage of what is provided especially into the way you like best.

Before your south Jersey wedding photographer starts snapping away, here are some of the little things you may want them to catch. Like a close-up of the bride’s shoes or bouquet, or even going outside of the box by capturing a picture of her dress on the hanger or over the chair. You may not like it at the time but a photo in curlers and having your makeup applied.

Be sure to get photos during the prep time, the ceremony, before, during and after the reception!

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