When it comes to life, to most people, getting married is the most important part. No one wants to have or go to a wedding and not enjoy it.
You want your guests to have a chance to move those limbs and sing the lyrics to their favorite song. Have fun with not only the music but the price of how much you paid to have a fun-filled night.
It is highly important to stay in your budget when choosing the best wedding DJ, especially for my Jersey people. While the prices vary for every wedding DJ, most are willing to offer packages for their clients to suit most budgets.
Some may charge per hour and some for a fixed fee of the event.  They could even charge a certain amount for a specific range of hours then charge per hour for additional ones. It all depends on the DJ and what he/she is willing to work out with the customer.A good wedding DJ should offer a range of optional extras such as a fog machine, bubbles, music videos or even karaoke. These types of things are bound to make your event either more exciting or distinct from others. Make sure to find out exactly what the DJ is offering so you know what you are looking for and who to choose for your special night.

Here are some pointers for you when choosing the right DJ when you’ve figured out your budget:

#1.) always have a face to face consultation with the DJ.
#2.) choose the song for your first dance and other music (a good DJ should advise you on the music and also have a large collection of appropriate music).
#3.) find out if they have their own equipment or if they are willing to use the venue’s (if available).
#4.) don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients and a live audition.
Never settle for a wedding DJ that is just okay because the price is right. You want your wedding to be memorable, and not because the DJ sucked but because the guests had so much FUN!
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