Congratulations to Jeana and Andrew on their beautiful marriage! Their wedding was held at Smithville Inn on August 10th, 2019. From preparation to celebration, their Smithville Inn Wedding Videos came out spectacular! 

First, Jeana prepped with her bridesmaids and put on her beautiful wedding gown.  She had on a silver shiny head piece and bracelet to go along with her dress. The bridesmaids were wearing amazing dresses with different style tops. Meanwhile, Andrew was getting ready and put on his handsome black suit and bow tie! The groomsmen were wearing suspenders and black suit pants. Their Smithville Inn wedding videos captured the amazing couple on their special day.  Their family and friends gathered around outside and took their seats waiting for the wedding to start. 

Then, began the ceremony for these two! Jeana walked down the aisle and Andrew could not stop smiling, he was so excited to marry the love of his life.  The bride and groom held hands, said their vows, and said their “I do’s”. After that, they placed their wedding bands on each other and had their first kiss as husband and wife. Then, they walked away together from the ceremony, hand in hand. 

Finally, Jeana and Andrew head into their reception. Then, everyone gathers around the newlyweds, as they have their first dance. The bride and groom had a cake that looked delicious with a topper that read, “love.”After that, the bridesmaids and groomsmen gave their speeches. The Smithville Inn Wedding Videos took amazing footage throughout the day and captured so many memories. For the remainder of the time, all the guests were dancing the night away, celebrating Jeana and Andrew! 

Congratulations, again, Jeana and Andrew on your beautiful wedding! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day! Smithville Inn Wedding Videos