John Kotlowski

Production Manager

888.268.7420 ext. 703

John Kotlowski works with customers for all post wedding production services. He creates relationships with every couple to create the wedding of their dream. He focuses on helping customers choose design elements for their customizable wedding albums. He ensures every couple’s services on their wedding day are completed during their contracted time.

Under John Kotlowski’s charge is our staff photographers, videographers, and editors which photographs and edits over 250,000 wedding images annually. He takes a big part in recruiting and hiring our talented staff and is always looking for new, fresh talent. John Kotlowski takes professional development very seriously and is continuously working with our photographers and videographers after every event, critiquing all aspects of their work to improve upon their skills.

John Kotlowski has certifications in Photoshop, InDesign and has earned a Master Citation in Professional Photography through Enchanted Celebrations. He currently resides in Toms River with his wife Nicole and his two dogs.