Congratulations to Kristy and Ken on their wedding at The Graycliff in Moonachie, NJ! These two celebrated the night away with loved ones this past November.

Kristy and Ken tied the knot at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Our NJ Wedding Videographer got the perfect recordings of their vows, smiles, emotions, and everything in between. Next up, party time!

Overall, the ivory ballroom looked absolutely stunning with all of subtle touches of navy blue tones and white flowers throughout the room. Right from the beginning, our NJ Wedding Videographer documented the couple’s entrance down the stairs and onto the ballroom floor. While sitting at their sweetheart table, Kristy and Ken listened  intently to speeches from the cutest little kids ever! 

Our NJ Wedding Videographer took advantage of how beautiful the little details added to the ballroom were. For example, the couple’s wedding cake featured a scripted “S” on top for their last name and was so detailed with icing strokes! Furthermore, their heart ice sculpture stood out in the center of the ballroom, just like the couple did, too.

Congratulations, again, Kristy and Ken. We could not be happier for the both of you on your wedding at The Graycliff!