Patricia and Patrick, congratulations on your fantastic wedding! On September 23, 2022, this adorable couple tied the knot at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ: the Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club in Spring Lake, NJ. Now they can remember this day forever through their incredible wedding video.

These lovebirds met each other while playing soccer in medical school, and here we are now seeing their wonderful wedding video. The bride was wearing the most stunning dress, and everyone stood up when she made her grand entrance to the church. The handsome groom was waiting at the altar, wearing a black tuxedo.
Then, when Patrick saw his future wife, his face was priceless and tears started to run. He couldn’t wait for another second to spend his life with Patricia. After promising eternal love in front of their guests, Patricia and Patrick started this new journey as husband and wife. 

Finally, the newlyweds were ready to celebrate their love at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ. The ballroom was beautifully decorated, and the new Mr. and Mrs. started the party with their first dance. Later, family and friends shared their love for the couple through beautiful speeches, and the adorable night ended with a delicious cake. Everyone was so happy of sharing this day with the couple. 

Congratulations, once again, to Patricia and Patrick! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy with you, at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ