Congratulations to Kymberli and Jay on their beautiful wedding at the Crystal Point Yacht Club. Check out how their Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Videos came out!

The beautiful couple started their day with a first look, Kymberli wearing her stunning white dress and Jay in a grey suit. Kymberli was all smiles as she walked towards Jay for the big reveal. When Jay turned around and laid his eyes on Kymberli, he was blown away. Our Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Videos captured this magical moment!

Loved ones gathered to see the couple promise to cherish and protect each other during their ceremony. Afterwards, the party was ready to begin! Our Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Videos showed the newlyweds and their guests dancing and laughing the night away. Speeches given by Jay’s brother and Kymberli’s sister drew a tear to everyone’s eyes. Jay’s brother said, “Kymberli was the first girl my brother brought home that I actually liked.” Clearly, the couple was meant to be together from the start!

During the cake cutting, Kymberli took her chance and smudged a piece of the dessert on Jay’s nose. However, the groom couldn’t help but smile at his gorgeous bride. The best moments of the night were captured through our Crystal Point Yacht Club Wedding Videos, so that Kymberli and Jay will always be able to look back and remember this special day.

Again, congratulations to this match made in heaven. Thank you for letting us be a part of your amazing day!

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