The beautiful Lake Mohawk Country Club is located in Sparta Township, NJ. From the gorgeous view of the lakes to the elegant ballrooms, this country club is the perfect place for a perfect wedding!

Lake Mohawk Country Club was built in 1926 and the vision was to create a friendly environment that could be enjoyed by all. Lake Mohawk Country Club’s mission is to preserve and protect the Lake Mohawk Reservation, keep the community clean, all while offering services and catering to people from all over. Today, the country club is known for its historic and rustic look and its delightful atmosphere. Not only is Lake Mohawk Country Club home to over 2,500 residents, its “castle-like” structure or clubhouse is the heart of the town. The quaint country club offers many opportunities to shop, eat and explore in the village. Some shops include boutiques, bakeries, and a floral company!

The beaches and parks are another beautiful thing about the Lake Mohawk Country Club. The reservation has 16 beaches across its three lakes that are managed by members of the community. These beaches and lakes are a place for residents to enjoy with friends and family. These lakes offer amazing scenery in wedding photos as well. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous sunset and beautiful greenery in their wedding photos? Getting married in the winter? No problem! Snow covers the trees like ice caps and creates breathtaking views. Lake Mohawk Country Club is opened all year round to meet the needs of everybody!

This historic clubhouse is the go-to place for social activities and dining such as weddings! Lake Mohawk Country Club offers only the finest catering and access to amazing wedding planners such as Enchanted Celebrations. We at Enchanted Celebrations love working with this amazing country club. In October of 2017, we helped Tasha and Anthony tie the knot and it would not have been a success without Lake Mohawk Country Club. Tasha and Anthony’s ceremony was held outside on the sand with a beautiful view of the lake. Their reception was filled with twinkling lights, gorgeous decorations, and delicious desserts. Enchanted Celebrations was so happy to work with Lake Mohawk Country Club to make Tasha and Anthony’s night unforgettable!

The Grand Ballroom at the Lake Mohawk Country Club is the biggest dining hall known for its charm. The 25 foot cathedral ceiling and large windows make for the perfect fairy-tale reception. This room is almost 4,000 square feet so it can meet the needs of you and all of your guests. Its chandeliers and elegant dining tables will make your guests feel welcomed. The dance floor is right in the middle of the room so all of your guests can have a blast dancing the night away!

Our NJ Wedding Photographer and Videographer had a blast capturing Tasha and Anthony’s wedding at Lake Mohawk Country Club. The photos displayed the beautiful scenery and captured the couples love for each other. The video captured the couple reading their wedding vows and all of the guests on the dance floor! Our NJ Wedding Officiant had the honor of performing Tasha and Anthony’s ceremony that left people in tears. At Enchanted Celebrations we are not just there to take pictures, we are there to feel and capture the love of the newlyweds. Our NJ Wedding DJ’s know how to be the life of the party! Our DJ’s go above and beyond to make sure your special song is played and they know how to keep people on their feet! Tasha and Anthony requested songs such as “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts and various country songs and the DJ made sure to play it. Our DJ’s love interacting with the guests and the dance floor the ensure everybody is having a blast! Enchanted Celebrations’ services combined with Lake Mohawk Country Club’s services, make for the perfect wedding!

Every bride leaves Lake Mohawk Country Club feeling better than ever. Our staff, along with the staff of the country club, go above and beyond to make sure all needs are met. We understand getting married can be a stressful time with all of the planning going on, that’s why we take the stress off of your shoulders so you can enjoy your special moment! Customers have nothing, but nice things to say about the country club staff because of their diligent work and precise planning.

Whether it be catering, photos, a DJ, or even lighting, Enchanted Celebrations and Lake Mohawk Country Club have got you covered. We love working with them and have created a bond to ensure that all of our customers needs are met. Lake Mohawk Country Club is where you can make your picture-perfect wedding dreams come alive!