We get it . . . these are some crazy times.  With the global pandemic forcing hundreds of weddings to be postponed and rescheduled at a moment’s notice (this thing is so unpredictable!), it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan your special day. However, we got you!

Just because your wedding can’t happen on your original date doesn’t mean that love has to lose; love can wait! We offer our amazing clients a compassionate postponement policy (no fees or penalties!). You don’t even need to have a new date set in stone; instead, you will be able to postpone indefinitely while you work with your venue and spouse to set your brand new wedding date. We will happily honor all of your original contracted packages and pricing as well. With that said, it is extremely important to us that you know that we understand what you’re going through and we will be here for you the every step of the way!

Our hearts go out to all of the couples who have had their wedding dreams dashed due to COVID-19. However, we are doing everything we can to help you navigate around this virus crisis and alleviate any stress you may be feeling surrounding your wedding day. Above all, we want to assure you that love can wait because love always wins in the end! Do you have any questions or concerns?  Check out the helpful links below to get started:

To Change Your Wedding Date:


To Postpone Your Wedding Indefinitely: