Erica and Alvaro, congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs! The adorable couple met online and tied the knot on February 2nd, 2022, at the Bello Giorno Estate in Belvidere, NJ. What a magical day captured in this Bello Giorno Estate wedding videography!

Erica spent her morning getting ready for her special day. She looked stunning in her gorgeous strapless dress and cute snow boots! To complete her bridal look, the bride put on an exquisite hooded cape and accessorized with a gold necklace and bracelet. Then, it was time to surprise the groom!

The beautiful garden covered in the snow created the most magical background for their first look! The groom donned his red tuxedo with black lapels and waited for his beautiful bride outside. Later, this Bello Giorno Estate wedding videography captured Alvaro’s reaction as he opened his eyes to see Erica; he was amazed by her beauty! 

Finally, it was time for the happily ever after! In front of their loved ones, the lovely couple held hands and concluded the ceremony with a passionate kiss! Afterward, everyone gathered and took portraits amidst the winter scenery. Before heading toward the reception, the newlyweds spent intimate moments together for more memorable portraits against the picturesque Pequest River that they would treasure forever.

At the reception, everyone cheered as the newlyweds made their grand entrance! Erica and Alvaro hit the dance floor for their first dance! Later, their friends and family gave toasts to the newlyweds, wishing them all the best for this new chapter in their lives. At last, the newlyweds cut into their three-tiered, squared white cake and fed each other a bite; such a sweet ending! 

Once again, congratulations to Erica and Alvaro! We hope this Bello Giorno Estate wedding videography will make you smile for years to come!