wedding dj nj prices

Hey, I Think I’m Ready to Book My DJ!

Think you’re really ready? Let’s find out! With a variety of factors to consider, a little guidance can go a long way (and even save you money!).  At Enchanted Celebrations, our team is here to help answer all of your questions about booking a professional wedding DJ. When it comes to wedding DJ NJ prices, you can save big on your ultimate entertainment experience without skimping on quality. We’ll guide you through all you need to know before you book. But first, you’ll have to ask yourself these questions!

Why Do You Want A DJ?

wedding dj nj prices

This may seem like a silly question to think about, but it’s SO important! Before you welcome aboard a DJ to your wedding, remember all the reasons why hiring a professional is meaningful to you. Are you looking for someone who will be high-energy and eager to get everyone out of their seats? Is your reception more low key and intimate, that you are seeking to find someone playing mostly soft tunes? Whatever the style of your wedding may be, a wedding DJ aims to make your night unforgettable and exceed your expectations. As you’re searching around, try to see the person behind all the music and remember that the night is all about you and the love of your life!

What Do You Want in a DJ Package?

You know what they say…sometimes starting simple is better! This is totally the case when it comes to selecting the best DJ package for you. Ultimately, DJ packages do not have to be misleading, confusing, or all over the place! A basic DJ package with the ability to add on extra enhancements is the perfect package if you are unsure of where to begin. Maybe you’d love to add a “dancing on the cloud” feature to your package for your first dance. Go for it! Take our advice and start simple. There is always room for customization!

At Enchanted Celebrations, we offer three promotional wedding entertainment packages: Celebration, Celebration Plus, and Celebration Deluxe. In each of these distinct packages, we offer five hours of continuous music, one DJ and one MC, our online party planning system, a party light show, and full-time planning staff.  This package acts as a template for all that your reception can become. It’s up to you!

How are you feeling now that you took a moment to answer those questions? If you’re hoping for even more guidance with wedding DJ NJ prices, we got you covered. Download our DJ brochure below to see how we can work together to bring your dream wedding to life!

Okay, Now I’m Really Ready!

 wedding DJ NJ prices