Congratulations to Maura and Charles on their beautiful summer wedding! They celebrated at the gorgeous Lazaretto Ballroom in Essington, PA on July 5th, 2019. From the preparation to the reception, our wedding videographers in PA captured every special moment along the way!

First, Maura began her day by slipping into a beautiful white dress alongside her bridesmaids. They accompanied her wearing dark green dresses, and the smiles were contagious all morning long! Meanwhile, Charles spent his morning alongside his groomsmen. He wore a light grey suit with a white tie, looking more than prepared to meet his glowing bride! Afterwards, the preparation was complete and it was time for the ceremony to begin! Our wedding videographers in PA captured the couple sharing their vows and first kiss as husband and wife. Next, the celebration was on as it was time for the guests to head to the incredible venue and for the wedding party to begin!

The guests entered the venue, and the festivities were ready to begin! The lighting was a beautiful dark green where our couple was ready to share their first dance as newlyweds. The couple slow danced together, then shared a slice of their precious wedding cake! Shortly after, it was time for the guests to join them as the party was on! The classic “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen had everyone dancing the night away, and our wedding videographers in PA captured all the fantastic highlights along the way! The night was capped off by a wonderful moment. The lights were turned off, and the guests held individual sparklers to light up the room, enough to see our couple share a big kiss!   

Congratulations, again, to Maura and Charles on their amazing wedding. Thank you for letting us share this special day with you!    

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