Congratulations to Megan and Brandon on their marriage! The two newlyweds had their first kissed in front of their friends and family at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, NJ. It was a glamorous and sunny day to get married.

Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there from start to finish to capture every aspect of the special day. First, Megan posed with her family in her beautiful white laced wedding dress, excited to be walking down the aisle. Then our NJ Wedding Videographer took a shot of Brandon and his groomsmen in their red, white, and blue socks.

The moment arrived for Megan and Brandon to meet at the ceremony. Brandon walked the aisle with his parents, anxiously awaiting for Megan’s arrival. Upon Megan’s arrival, she shed tears as she walked with her handsome father. Once Megan arrived, the two locked hands, and exchanged rings on each others fingers. In an instant and after saying, “I do!”, Megan and Brandon had the first, and Brandon escorted his new wife.

They exchanged pictures with their loved ones behind the pretty blue water, loving each others presence. Shortly, they arrived at the reception where they rapped their way to the hall. The reception had beautiful purple ambient lightning that filled the room with enjoyment of dancing the night away.

Once the bride and groom slow danced, there was no holding back with the guests! Everyone partied until the night ended! The bouquet was caught and laughter filled the room. In the end, the video showed Brandon pulling his new wife up, and kissing her.

Congratulations, again, to Megan and Brandon for their beautiful night! We honored to be there and best wishes to a lifetime full of happiness!