Smile for the Camera

prices for wedding photographers in nj

Show off those pearly whites! It’s no secret that photography for your wedding today is well…essential! We all want to fill up those photo albums, share them on social media with a fun hashtag, and of course, relive the memories. Your wedding day will come and go, but your photos will live on to tell your story for a lifetime to come. When it comes to pricing for wedding photographers in NJ, capturing your wedding story does not have to break your bank!

Let’s Talk Numbers

prices for wedding photographers in nj

First things first, it’s crucial to understand the cost factors before getting your hands on having those picture-perfect memories! At Enchanted Celebrations, you can rest assured that our pricing for wedding photographers in NJ is flexible with multiple payment options available. Our team will go above and beyond to fit any budget through documenting the endless photo opportunities!

According to popular wedding site, The Knot, photography is priced at roughly $2,700. Across the NY metropolitan area alone, prices can soar to well over $5,000. Of course, this figure will depend on location, time of year, day of the week, etc. Clearly, a summer wedding on a Saturday will be significantly more expensive than a winter wedding on a Thursday.

In addition, the type of photography style a couple desires will determine pricing. Going for a more traditional, natural style versus black and white photography will leave you with different numbers. Keeping these cost factors in mind in securing that perfect wedding date can be overwhelming. Trust us, we get it! That’s why our team will give you the personalized attention to suit your budget needs for the photos of your dreams.


prices for wedding photographers in nj

Speaking of the photos of your dreams, we believe that your photos should be nothing short of extraordinary, just like you! For each couple, our dedicated photographers are always looking for new ways and trends to #embraceextraordinary from every candid to posed shot. After all, it’s what we are all about! Our careful, personalized attention to the littlest details and emotions are what you will want to remember the most. 

Ready for Our Close-Ups

prices for wedding photographers in nj

Overall, you deserve customized, flexible pricing for wedding photographers in NJ that suit your style (and your wallet!). Keep smiling…because the camera is waiting to tell a wedding story like yours!

Waiting to Capture Your Wedding Like…