Ravali and Israel’s Wedding Videography



Congratulations to Ravali and Israel on their beautiful wedding ceremony! This traditional wedding took place at the end of September 2017 at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, New Jersey. 

Ravali and Israel spent much time getting ready and preparing for their special day! Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured the full beauty of the room that the ceremony took place in. The ceremony was decorated to perfection, which included bouquets of pink and red flowers surrounding the room and rose pedals hanging down from the ceilings and window sills. The area in front of the window was designated for both Ravali and Israel to stay seated at throughout the ceremony.

Our NJ Wedding Videographer made sure to film every special moment throughout the ceremony, including the moment they became man and wife. Both of their smiles was enchanting and the families were so excited for the newly weds!

This couple shared every moment together and it was truly incredible and remarkable. Our NJ Wedding Videographer caught all of the traditional moments as well which will allow the couple to relive their wedding again someday!

Congratulations again, to Ravali and Israel on their special day! We wish you so much love and happiness as you celebrate this new life together!