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Congratulations to Rebecca and Cole on their wedding! This beautiful couple tied the knot on October 16, 2020 at The Madison Café in Riverside, NJ. Thankfully one of our New Jersey wedding videographers were able to capture their perfect day!

First, the day began with bride and groom prep. Cole put on his suit and had the help of his groomsmen making sure he was looking sharp. Meanwhile, Rebecca and her bridesmaids got their hair and makeup done. Then, they celebrated by popping champagne! Rebecca then put on her gorgeous gown and slipped on her sparkly sequin sneakers. Adding last touches like earrings, bracelets, and her veil, everything fell right into place. Rebecca looked stunning!

Soon after, it was time for the ceremony! Cole and the bridal party waited at the alter for Rebecca. Then, she came out walking with her father while he gave her away to Cole. It was such a sweet moment. The couple exchanged their vows and rings; Cole kissed his bride and they officially became husband and wife!

Next, the couple and their families posed for some photos as well as the bridal party. The newlyweds posed for their session too and you can just tell how happy they are through the video! Their energy is glowing! We love how one of our New Jersey wedding videographers captured this moment.

Finally it was time to party! Their tent was beautifully decorated with flowers surrounding each table. They had a place for guests to sign cute messages to them on a board! The party walked into the tent before Rebecca and Cole getting all the guests excited. The happy couple arrived and the rest of the night was history! Everyone had an amazing time.

Congratulations once again to Cole and Rebecca on their wedding! Thank you for letting one of our New Jersey wedding videographers film your day!