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Congratulations to Amanda and Rich on their autumn wedding at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey! The happy couple tied the knot on September 21st, 2019. From their first look to their reception, our New Jersey wedding videographers captured every step along the way.

Firstly, it was time for Rich and Amanda’s first look. Rich looked dapper in his classic black and white tuxedo. He awaited his bride to be against a rustic brick wall outside of the venue. Then, Amanda tapped his shoulder. She looked radiant in her backless white dress. Rich’s face lit up as he embraced Amanda. Next, they read each other their letters and we couldn’t stop gushing! Thankfully, our New Jersey videographers captured the entire moment in their perfect video above.

Afterwards, it was time for their ceremony. The ceremony space was covered in delicate curtains and white birch trees. Amanda and Rich fit right into the gorgeous backdrop as they exchanged their vows. Then, they completed a painting together and sealed their marriage with the sweetest kiss. Our New Jersey wedding videographers made sure to capture every moment they shared at the altar. Soon after, they exited together as husband and wife and took some lovely portraits with their bridal party.

Finally, it was time for their reception. Amanda and Rich took to the dance floor right away! After their romantic first dance, everyone else followed suit. Everyone danced the night away in the warmly lit and industrially elegant Art Factory. Overall, everybody had the time of their lives.

Congratulations again to Amanda and Rich on their exquisite wedding at The Art Factory! Above all, Rich proved that #ArichMangetsDAgirl! Thank you for letting our New Jersey wedding videographers capture every precious moment of your wedding day! Cheers!

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