Tatyana and Charles, congratulations on your recent wedding! This adorable couple tied the knot on June 18, 2022, at one of the most NJ romantic wedding venues: the Adelphia’s Restaurant in Deptford, NJ. We loved the way their wedding video turned out! 

This magic day started, and the beautiful white dress was waiting for Tatyana to make her look stunning. Once ready, she left her bridesmaids speechless with her beauty! Now she was prepared to join her future husband at the altar. 

It was a lovely ceremony, in which family and friends gathered to witness the bride and groom expressing their love for each other. Charles was waiting for his future wife at the altar, and tears of happiness started to drop when he saw her! After exchanging vows, these lovebirds were declared husband and wife, closing the deal with a passionate kiss! Yay!

After these touching moments, the newlyweds announced that they are now a family of three! That’s right! Then, they took this lovely opportunity to immortalize these memories at one of the most NJ romantic wedding venues. We can’t wait to see those wedding photos!

There are too many reasons to celebrate, and this couple knew how to make it BIG! Tatyana and Charles danced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs., and enjoyed the night away! There’s any doubt about the connection these two have with each other. At the end of the night, there was a fairytale cake that closed the night with a flourish. 

Congratulations, once again, Tatyana and Charles! We hope you guys had a great time at one of the most NJ romantic wedding venues.