Emily and Matthew, congratulations on your amazing wedding! On September 4th, 2022, this couple celebrated their union at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ: The Blue Heron Pines Golf Club, in Egg Harbor City, NJ. We are so pleased with how their adorable wedding video turned out! 

Emily started her day with champagne and her best gals. They all wore matching robes and had fun while cheering for the stunning bride. Then, she put on the most amazing white dress with floral details. In the garden, an elegant groom was waiting for his future wife, in the company of all his groomsmen. He was wearing a gray suit with a white shirt and a grey bow tie. Once ready, they blindly touch each other as a sign that both were ready to meet at the altar.

It was a beautiful fall day at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ, and family and friends were gathered for the occasion. The bride and groom expressed their love for each other through the most lovely vows and more than one tear of happiness ran down the guest’s cheeks. Minutes later, there were declared husband and wife, sealing the deal with an amazing kiss. 

Now the happy couple was ready to celebrate! They started the reception with their first dance as newlyweds, followed by the father-daughter and the son-mother dances. They were tender moments that they will have recorded forever in their wedding video. Finally, after the words from their guests prepared for them, Emily and Matthew enjoyed their party at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ.

Congratulations, once again, to the new Mr. and Mrs.! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.