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Congratulations to Samantha and Bryan on their chic and alluring wedding! Samantha and Bryan joined as husband and wife on April 30th, 2021. Our top videographers were ecstatic to capture the couple’s extraordinary NY wedding video.

The reception was showcased at the beautiful and inviting Box House Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. The day began with the couples first look outside the venue. Samantha looked absolutely beautiful in her floral laced dress ready for her soon to be husband to take a look. Bryan, ready in his fresh suit, was so taken back by his beautiful bride that he immediately had to give her a kiss before continuing to the main event.

At the ceremony the couple exchanged their warm and heartfelt vows. Bryan’s vows made the room fill with laughter on multiple occasions which quickly put a huge smile on Samantha’s gleaming face. Samantha’s vows on the other hand set a beautiful tone for the beginning of their marriage. The couple sealed their vows with a kiss then proceeded to exit the room as husband and wife as their guests cheered them on. 

Following the ceremony Samantha and Bryan joined their guests at their scenic and panoramic reception venue. The venue was absolutely stunning with a rooftop view of New York City. The lovebirds harmoniously shared their first dance as they whispered and laughed to each other. It was an emotional day for all in this NY wedding video.

Afterwards the party began! The bride, groom and their loved ones danced the night away as the sun set behind them. The smiles in this crowd were purely contagious and euphoric. Our top videographers were ecstatic to capture such an uplifting and spectacular event.

Congratulations to Samantha and Bryan once again! From our team at Enchanted Celebrations we wish you the most beautiful and enchanted life together. Be sure to check out this NY wedding video here!