The Smithville Inn is a charming and rustic venue located in Absecon, NJ. The venue is about 25 minutes away from Atlantic City, making it a popular location to locals and travelers! This historic landmark has been a tradition since 1787. The Coppola family and their partners, the Bushars, have been the owners and operators for the past 20 years.

The Smithville Inn is an award winning restaurant with over 80 weddings each year! Whether you’re brunching with your friends, dining in with your significant other or celebrating the biggest day of your life, the Smithville Inn is the place to be! This one of a kind venue is not only a restaurant open to the public, but it’s also the destination for weddings! Hundreds of weddings have been held at the Smithville Inn, making them very special nights to remember! Starting with the gorgeous ocean views and ending with the wonderful fireplace, the Smithville Inn is a magnificent place!

Everything about the venue’s architecture is flawless! Once you arrive, the building gives off a Colonial America feel. The Smithville Inn is surrounded by nature’s walls with an incredible waterfront view of Lake Meone! The atmosphere is warm and serene! The outdoors area is perfect for an intimate ceremony in front of the huge stone hearth! The amazing backdrop calls for an endless amount of wedding photos!

Kristen and Matt took full advantage of the precious outdoor area! This stunning couple tied the knot on a crisp November afternoon! The spectacular couple shared an unforgettable first kiss right outside the venue! Kristen and Matt locked eyes while surrounded by the woodsy outdoors! Their ceremony was absolutely phenomenal! The picturesque outdoor ceremony was surrounded by the rich woods and was beautifully decorated with an assortment of flowers! It was a magical day to remember! We at Enchanted Celebrations, loved working with Kristen and Matt on their significant day! It couldn’t have been done without the astounding Smithville Inn!

If you loved the outdoors, you’ll fall in love with this place once you walk inside! The Smithville Inn has huge ballrooms that are filled with rustic beams and chandeliers! The venue holds about 170 guests inside, making it a perfect place for events with long guest lists! If you’re dining in, sitting by the window makes your experience even better! Not only do you have front seat to remarkable views, but there are also light shows right outside around the holidays! If you’re celebrating a special occasion, the immense dance floors are perfect for dancing the night away! The room also has an awesome fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere!

Ashley and Scott loved their wedding at the Smithville Inn! These two lovebirds decided on forever on a warm September day! The astonishing couple and their guests filled the ballroom at the reception! The newlyweds took over the floor as they shared an unforgettable first dance! All eyes were on Ashley and Scott as they locked eyes with huge smiles! Everyone else joined in soon after! It was an honor to be a part of this extraordinary day! Thanks to the Smithville Inn, Ashley and Scott celebrated their love in style!

These special occasions are nothing without the staff members! The customer service at the Smithville Inn is impeccable! No wonder this place prides themselves on their hospitality! Once you walk in, you’re greeted by the friendly staff who are eager to assist you! Every person is dedicated to accommodating their guests! This five-star customer service is quite lovely!

The hustle and bustle of the Smithville Inn is mainly due to the mouthwatering food that brings all their guests in! The venue offers a variety of foods! The Smithville Inn has fixed menus for holidays and different buffet styles! On Monday nights, the venue offers a BOGO dinner special! The Smithville Inn is also known for their “Throwback Thursdays” which is the only place in town you can get meatloaf, turkey, or pot pie for only $20.00! Last but certainly not least, the venue offers a one and half pound lobster with sides for only $25.00, this is known as their Lobster Friday night! These deals are great, and the food is tasty and well-presented! Make sure to save room for dessert! This place offers a variety of sweets and treats, perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Who doesn’t love cocktail hour? Cocktail hour at the Smithville Inn is absolutely wonderful! Nothing beats discounted drinks! The assortment of drinks are admirable! This is the best hour at the Smithville Inn!

Kelly and Chris are another delightful couple that celebrated their love at the Smithville Inn! Their portrait sessions are marvelous! The backdrop of these photos include the Smithville Inn sign, the merry-go-round, and other breathtaking landmarks around the shops! Kelly and Chris can now cherish these moments for years to come! The ceremony was traditional and classic! The night was topped off with the spectacular reception! Everyone filled the ballroom and were on their feet all night long! It was a pleasure being part of this majestic day! We couldn’t have done it without the Smithville Inn!

As you can see, the Smithville Inn is home to various special occasions! This venue has so much to offer! We can’t wait to return for many more sensational occasions!