Congratulations to Jessica and Vincent on their recent marriage! The incredible couple decided on forever on April 12, 2018. The reception was held at The Park Savoy Estate, located in Florham Park, NJ. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to catch all of the precious moments that Jessica and Vincent can now relive for years to come!

Jessica and Vincent spent the early hours preparing for the biggest day of their lives! Vincent and his groomsmen looked handsome in their matching black suits and dark blue ties! The groomsmen were ecstatic when Vincent handed them their own personal gifts. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to snap some shots of these sweet moments! 

Across the hall, Jessica and her bride tribe were getting ready to perfection! Everyone’s hair was beautifully curled and their makeup was amazing! Jessica admired her one of a kind white, lace gown as it hung by the window. It was finally time for the ladies to get out of their silky robes and into their stunning gowns! 

The ceremony was religiously traditional and classic! The beautiful bride-to-be glided down the aisle with her parents by her side. Vincent was in awe as he watched his bride being handed over to him. All eyes were on the astonishing couple as they shared their heartfelt vows and breathtaking first kiss! Jessica and Vincent showcased their love as they exited the ceremony with much excitement!

The reception was absolutely astounding! The lights were flashing and music was blasting as the wedding party entered the venue. Soon after, everyone cheered as the newlyweds made their grand entrance! Smoke surrounded Jessica and Vincent as they shared an unforgettable first dance!

Love was in the air as friends and family shared their unique speeches. Jessica and Vincent cut their phenomenal four-tiered cake. The cake-cutting topped off the night! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was sure to catch these spectacular moments! The rest of the night was full of joy and dancing! 

Congratulations, again, to Jessica and Vincent! We are honored to be a part of your magical day! We wish you endless amounts of love and happiness!

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