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Congratulations to the lovely couple, Stephanie and Tim, on their marriage! Wedding bells rang on October 5th, 2018 when the adorable couple tied the knot at the magnificent Il Villaggio on a gorgeous fall wedding day! Our NJ Wedding Videographer  captured all the beautiful memories!

First, Stephanie gazed out the window wearing her stunning white wedding gown. In addition, the shiny pearls in her hair and the jewels dangling from her ears made her look nothing less than perfect. Meanwhile, Tim looked at himself in the mirror as he fastened his tie. The two of them were filled with such excitement in anticipation of their big day and festivities ahead!

White and purple rose petals lined the aisle at the ceremony as friends and family filled the room and took their seats. Stephanie was escorted to her soon-to-husband as she held the most stunning lavender colored flower bouquet in her hands. Tim’s face said it all as he finally laid eyes on his dream girl walking closer and closer to him. Luckily, our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to film all these memories to last a lifetime!

Finally, they sealed their vows with a kiss and headed to the reception. Every detail that decorated the room tied everything together so nicely. Their unique cake topper read “You’re My Greatest Adventure” and even had a cut-out of the house from Disney’s classic movie Up with balloons tied around it! Stephanie and Tim made their grand entrance as the spotlight shined down on them. During their beautiful first dance together as husband and wife, our NJ Wedding Videographer was sure not to miss a single step!

Congratulations, once again, to the newlyweds, Stephanie and Tim. We wish you luck in all of your future endeavors. Thanks for letting us document your day!

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