Congratulations to Mimi and Ben on tying the knot on May 27th, 2021 at the stunning Waterloo Village. Our waterloo village wedding video captured all of the special moments from their big day!

The day started with the first looks for the lovely bride-to-be. The bride’s father was in awe when he turned around and saw such a beautiful bride. Then the bridesmaids came out and saw how amazing Mimi looked in her floral printed dress.

Next, it was time for the ceremony. Our waterloo village wedding video caught Ben getting a little teary eyed seeing the love of his life walk towards him. The lovebirds exchanged their I do’s and kissed. Surrounded by loved ones and the most picturesque greenery around them. It was truly a fairytale.

Now it was time for the reception. The couple entered the room with hands held high and it was time to celebrate! The newlyweds shared their first dance together and then everybody hit the dance floor! Everybody enjoyed cutting loose and being a part of this special union. 

During the reception, the newlyweds snuck off to have a private moment with just the two of them. They stood on a private dock and shared little kisses with each other. Holding hands the couple strolled through the venue and just enjoyed this time they had with each other! 

Towards the end of the night when everybody’s feet hurt from dancing so much, Mimi and Ben headed outside for their send off. The bridal party formed a line of sparklers and cheered as Mimi and Ben went underneath the sparkly lights. Towards the end of the line Ben dipped Mimi and planted the most romantic kiss on her.

Congratulations to Mimi and Ben on their magical wedding! Our waterloo village wedding video had the best time capturing what true love looks like! We wish you nothing but the best! 

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