You’ve finally tied the knot and now it’s time to dance! There are plenty of songs destined to keep you and your guests having a great time, but there are also some not-so-great reception songs. We put together this little list to remind you that not all songs are great for your wedding reception.


1.Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On

This song is simply too sad to play at such a lively event. Your guests want to celebrate your love…not think of someone losing the love of their life.

2. Kanye West- Gold Digger

The bride shouldn’t want her to start looking at her suspiciously.

3. PSY- Gangnam Style

Please don’t have one of your guests fall or dislocate their hip trying to keep up with these dance moves.

4. Shaggy-It Wasn’t Me

Remember, this will be a family affair. Might be a little awkward to have both you and your grandparents singing this song.

5. Nelly- Hot In Herre

We don’t any of your guests getting carried away at the reception if they hear this song, especially if there is alcohol.

6. Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You

We will always love this song, but it’s a little bit of a mood killer for the reception.

7. Ray Anthony- Hokey Pokey

Nope. Never. No.

8. Village People- YMCA

You’re celebrating your wedding, not winning a baseball game.

9. Trace Adkins- Honky Tonk Badonkadonk


10. The Chicken Dance

Feel free to enjoy the food at your reception, especially the chicken, but please don’t get up and dance like one.

11. DJ Casper- Cha Cha Slide

This is another classic, but it’s been played at almost every single event that you’ve attended. You can help brake that chain.

12. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free

This song is just way too long!


We won’t be offended if you play any of these songs at your wedding, because the most important thing is that you have a great time! Still looking for a DJ? One of our NJ Wedding DJ‘s is sure to keep your guests moving and grooving all night long.


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