Wedding favors are one way to show your guests how much you appreciate them attending your big day, and it’s something for them to take with them to remember the experience! Some are classic, some are new, but ultimately the decision is yours. There are so many options to choose from when trying to figure out what to give to your guests as favors, so here’s our top five favorite wedding favors to make your decision a little bit easier!

1. Wedding Bells!

These super cute Celtic bells are just one example of what wedding bells may look like. The detail and quote on these are absolutely gorgeous!

2. Bubbles!

Enchanted Celebrations

Put a rustic twist on this classic wedding favor by tying them with twine and storing them in wood!

3. Alcohol

These adorable little airplane bottles make a great little gift! Add a cute little label and voila, you have wedding favors!

4. Customized Glasses

Enchanted Celebrations

Add a cute quote, the wedding date, and the bride and groom’s name and you’ve got a lovely gift to last a lifetime!

5. Something Sweet!

Enchanted Celebrations

This gift may not last a lifetime, but it’s sure to put smiles on your guests faces!