When it comes to weddings, everybody tries to do as much as they can to help out the bride on her big day. What about the groom? Sometimes it can be forgotten that it’s a big day for the groom as well so we are here to help! After all, eyes will be on the couple all night long so the groom has to be dressed just as nicely as the bride. So let’s discuss groomsmen attire. Different themes call for different styles, so first we’ll be talking about the tiers of dressing up.

Casual: Button down shirts, nice slacks, tie/bow tie, optional jacket (it can always be taken off later.) No jeans. Ever. 

Semi-formal: Suits made out of more casual materials. This is more popular at beach, summer, or country weddings. 

Formal: Dark neutral-colored suits. To stand out, get an eye-catching tie or funky cuff links.

Black-tie formal: Tuxedos. Tuxedos. Tuxedos. 

Pro-tip: Always remember that it is better to slightly over-dress than under-dress. Jackets and ties can always be taken off as the night goes on. Now it’s time to talk about style.


  1. COLOR: Black is out and color is in. For the summer, grooms have been going for more tan or beige suits while grooms in the winter have been choosing grey or dark blue. For those who stick with the traditional suit, ties and socks are a great way to show originality and creativity.







2. SUSPENDERS: Suspenders are a perfect way to mix a bit of old and a bit of new. They’re the perfect way to class up any groomsmen’s look while also making a statement!







3. BOW TIES: Bow ties are fun and trendy so get one for the whole gang! It’s an easy way to tie the outfit together and look extra spiffy at the same time.









4. NERD OUT: We all have a funky side so why not embrace it? Undershirts and socks are a great way to get creative but appear professional at the same time. 







Pretty spiffy, right? With the rising popularity of these trends, there are so many options out there and they keep getting more creative!