Now planning all the details of the wedding day can be a lot to handle, however the number one thing a bride stresses about is how SHE looks on her big day! Finding the perfect wedding day look can either be very easy or very difficult it all depends on the bride. However over the dress, shoes and makeup what a bride cares about most is her hair!

When it comes to a bridal hairstyle it is important for a bride to consider, when and where her wedding will be. If you are having a wedding at the end of July it may not be the best idea to wear your hair down in curls or add extensions. That may be a better hairstyle for a colder weather wedding.

But if you are planning a summer wedding some great wedding hairstyle ideas can be loose curls pulled into up dos. This look is beach and loose. It gives the relaxed feeling of wearing your hair down but will survive the heat. Sleek low bun are also a super chic wedding look for summer as well.

If you are a bride that has opted to stay away from the heat and have your big day during fall or winter or even spring you luckily don’t have to worry about humidity ruining your wedding day look. For these brides soft romantic curls can be a great look. Another option is half up half down, this way your hair does not cover your beautiful face.

Ultimately as a bride it is important that on you big day you look like yourself, just the best version. Pick a bridal hairstyle that fits you as well as your wedding.

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