An and Tu’s Wedding Videography at The Merion


Congratulations to Tu and An on their recent marriage! This stunning couple tied the knot this Summer on a beautiful day at The Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ! 

Love was in the air on August 26th 2018 as this lovely couple said their “I Do’s.” An had her hair curled to perfection with a gorgeous sparkle hair chip and he dress was beautiful! She elegantly made her way over the bridge outside and down the trail to her fiance as she smiled ear to ear. She tapped Tu on the shoulder and he was so excited as her turned around and finally saw his bride for the first time that day. Our NJ Wedding Videographer  was there as he picked her up and gave her a huge hug and spun her around. This couple was so cute! 

Before heading over to the ceremony the couple had photos taken in the middle of a bright, empty ballroom where they stood twirling each other around, photographed by our NJ Wedding Photographer. At this gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony the couple said their vows and finished it off with a memorable kiss! After 15 years of knowing one another, friends and family were so happy to witness these two get married. 

At the reception they were introduced as a newly wed couple for the first time as champagne bottles with sparklers were brought out for them. As shared their first dance together, our NJ Wedding Videographer  captured it all! The remainder of the night was filled with laughter and lots of dancing! Toasts were made to their new life together and memories were created that will last a lifetime! The night ended with a fun nighttime sparkler release as the Mr. & Mrs. set off to begin their lives as husband and wife! 

Congratulations, again to Tu and An! We wish you both a happily ever after!