After we wipe away our joyful tears from the wedding ceremony, it’s time to eat and party! Of course, we absolutely have to save room for dessert, which is usually a beautiful wedding cake. We love seeing the traditional all-white, cakes, but we also love to see the different ideas that couples come up with to make their cakes stand out! Not sure what kind of cake you’d like at your wedding? Maybe one of these unique cakes photographed by our NJ Wedding Photographer will inspire you! Don’t forget to register for a FREE Rock The Aisle Bridal Show for even more inspiration.


1.This couple looked to the sky for their cake inspiration!



2. Perhaps you two met at work and then fell head-over-heels in love? Let your cake tell your love story.



3. Do you both love the same movie(s)? Use your silly personalities to come up with something that will set your cake a part from all the others you’ve seen.



4. This is a reminder that you don’t HAVE to have a cake. Whether your want to serve cupcakes, ice cream, or candy, let your imagination flourish!



5. Make your cake realistic! Who says a cake has to look like a cake?




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