Congratulations to Victoria and Evan on their wedding day! Set against the stunning backdrop of The Liberty House in Jersey City in Jersey City, NJ, their special day on May 27, 2023, was beautifully captured by the wedding videography at The Liberty House in Jersey City.

As the sun peeked through the clouds, Evan stood tall in his navy suit, eagerly awaiting his bride. Victoria, adorned in a stunning gown with a veil embellished with pearls, clutched a bouquet of white roses. With anticipation in the air, they shared a tender first look. The wedding videography at The Liberty House in Jersey City perfectly captured that moment.

The ceremony unfolded beneath an arch decorated with white roses, a symbol of their pure love. As Victoria made her way down the aisle, Evan’s heart swelled with emotion. With heartfelt vows exchanged, they were pronounced husband and wife, sealing their union with a kiss. Radiant smiles adorned their faces as they walked hand in hand, embarking on this beautiful journey together.

At the reception, the venue was transformed into a realm of romance and joy, with grand letters spelling out “Mr. & Mrs. Valdez” adorning the space. Every table was decorated with white flowers and flickering candles, creating an ambiance of pure magic. Their first dance was a mesmerizing moment, as they moved gracefully across the dance floor. And as they cut into the towering three-tiered cake, laughter and happiness filled the air.

Congratulations once again Victoria and Evan! We love your wedding videography at The Liberty House in Jersey City!

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