Want to add a personalized touch to your wedding? Want to show off your new initials? What better way to do both these things in one with adding a monogram. Until recently your wedding dj was the one who brought up the idea of the monogram. But now brides can add a monogram into almost every aspect of their wedding decor.

When people think of monograms we think of them appearing as a projection on the dance floor suggested by the wedding dj. But there is much more that can be done with a simple monogram. From your wedding photography, to local ocean county wedding dj, ideas for how to incorporate a monogram can come from anywhere!

What makes adding a monogram so great is that they add a touch of personalization to any wedding, from bergen county to atlantic county. A monogram can fit into any theme!

So ways to show off a monogram are:

  • having a projection on the dance floor
  • have a decal on the dance floor
  • on the ceremony programs
  • on the cover of your wedding album
  • on the cake
  • on the escort cards
  • printed on the napkins

Each one of these ideas are great ways to show off your new monogram as a couple and shows off the joining of bride and groom as one. Ideas like incorporating a monogram in with your wedding photographs or wedding album can make your memories even more specials. Your local wedding photographer should be able to guide you towards how to do that.

If you are interested in learning more about what can be done with a monogram or want to get in contain with a new jersey wedding dj or new jersey wedding photographer who can help incorporate monograms we can help. Take a look at our website www.enchantedcelebrations.com where you can learn more about how we can help to make all your monogram dreams come true!