Five months before your wedding the stress begins to add up. It can be extremely stressful if you’re not organized! These tips will be on the top 5 things a bride should be focusing on 5 months before her wedding. 5 months seems far away but there is still tons of planning to be done.

  1. Start searching for hairdressers and makeup artists for your wedding. Remember many brides are getting married on the same date as you. Make sure you book your hair dresser in advance
  2. Start selecting your bridesmaid dresses. If your bridal party is paying for their own dress, you need to give them enough time to buy it.
  3. If you have many out of town guests coming, talk to various hotels. Make sure you block off a floor or two to accommodate everyone.
  4. Figure out who is hosting the rehearsal dinner. That person should start booking venues to save the date.
  5. Make sure your venue does not require wedding insurance. If so, start researching and purchasing insurance soon.