Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos and Videos

Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos

About Atlantis Ballroom

Located in Toms River, NJ, The Atlantis Ballroom inside the Days Hotel hosts weddings, banquets, and more special events right alongside the Jersey shore! The venue is only a short drive from the ocean so you can still have that beachy themed wedding without all the hustle and bustle of the shore. This convenient venue can accommodate up to 225 guests with an open dance floor to party all night long! Atlantis Ballroom has a fun and relaxed yet elegant atmosphere that will fit all of your needs. Its strategic location by the beach and boardwalk makes it the perfect venue to capture your Atlantis Ballroom wedding photos! They are the closest venue to the Jersey Shore that is most affordable. With only a 15 minute drive to the Seaside Heights boardwalk, you’ll be able to take those hassle-free beach chic wedding portraits you’ve always dreamed of! 

Wedding Packages and Stations

Listed on their site, Atlantis Ballroom highlights three amazing wedding packages, as well as accessories to add on to their Exclusive and Premier packages! First off, their Exclusive Wedding Package is best for weddings with a longer guest list! Next up, their Cocktail Exclusive Wedding Package has amazing specialty fare stations during dinner! Third, their Premier Wedding Package is all about customization while still giving you the essentials that you’ll love. Be sure to head over to their website to learn the full details about each of their incredible wedding packages! 

Along with their fancy packages, Atlantis Ballroom has some totally share-worthy station mentions under their Accessories Menu! Just to name a few: a fresh mozzarella bar, sushi station, and gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese bar! As far as dessert stations are concerned, this venue will satisfy every one of your guests’ sweet cravings. The titles of their dessert stations will even get you excited about them! (We have our eye on the “S’more Love Station” and the “Donut Mind If I Do”!). Lastly, their packages outline delicious dinner entree options as well. From the freshest seafood dishes to classic meat options, you and your guests are in for a foodie paradise here!

Fancy a Cocktail?

Of course, the answer is always yes! Atlantis Ballroom has a long list of the most creative cocktails you’ll ever try. Each wedding is offered a 5-hour premium open bar with a variety of cocktails and popular label liquor. With their Exclusive Package, guests will be greeted with either a glass of sparkling champagne or a signature cocktail of the season, your choice! Each season comes with a long list of signature drinks to choose from. A few winter drinks include: French Kiss, Cinnamon Bun Martini, and White Christmas Sangria. Fall drinks include: Spiced Cranberry Sparkler, Caramel Apple Martini, and Apple Bourbon Bellini. The variety of Spring cocktails are: Pear Dazzler and Blackberry Bramble Bliss. Last but most certainly not least is the Summer cocktails which are: Fire & Passion and Cucumber Limeade Cocktail. Each drink corresponds perfectly with the season! Cocktail Greeting is an additional cost for Premier Package.

If these cocktails didn’t make your mouth water, wait until you hear about these three extra options! First, is the Craft Beer Flight Tasting which is a minimum of 100 adult requirement and is served during cocktail hour. It includes a variety of craft beers from a local brewery for your guests to try. Second, is the Sangria bar (available at an additional cost). This as well is a 100 minimum adult requirement served during cocktail hour. Your guests can choose from a variety of wines then add their own fresh fruit. Third and finally, is the Bubble Bar (available at an additional cost). This bubbly idea is served at cocktail hour and includes the option to pick your own champagne, juice, and garnish to craft your own perfect bubbly. All these drink options will make your guests feel fancy!

Just ‘Beachy’ Weddings Year Round

Our most recent wedding at Atlantis Ballroom was Jenna and Steven’s fabulous wedding. The couple tied the knot on April 27 on a perfect Spring day at the Jersey shore. Jenna began her day in the accommodating hotel surrounded by friends and family. The couple was wed onsite in the beautiful ballroom. Gorgeous pictures of the couple were taken outside in the beautiful scenery of the venue. The newlyweds enjoyed an evening of delicious food, beautiful decor, and a lovely venue. 


Another lovely Spring wedding was Catherine and Ryan’s. After getting married offsite, the newlyweds were ready to celebrate all the ballroom. The room was beautifully decorated with yellow and pink all over. The couple danced the night away on the gorgeous hardwood floor of the ballroom. See more of their Atlantis Ballroom wedding photos below!

If you love the shore regardless of the temperature, Atlantis Ballroom is perfect for Winter and Fall weddings as well. Natalie and Alonso is a perfect example of a winter wonderland beachy wedding. Natalie started her day getting ready in the hotel popping champagne with her bridesmaids. Alonso began his day with his beautiful mother as she pinned on his boutonniere. After the couple said their “I do’s” at the venue, they celebrated the rest of the night in the beautifully decorated ballroom. Despite the winter weather, the couple took gorgeous pictures outside. 

When most people think Fall weddings, they think Autumn-themed and Fall leaves. However, at the Jersey shore, it is beach time all the time! Colleen and Jame’s had a stunning Fall wedding. The couple said their vows inside at the venue but took their gorgeous portraits outside the venue overlooking the water. The couple enjoyed the rest of the evening in the perfectly decorated ballroom. 

Want to See More?

Yes, you do! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers could not have captured any of these couple’s dream weddings without the Atlantis Ballroom and its amazing staff. We cannot wait to return for many more sensational occasions already planned for the future. Take a look below at more Atlantis Ballroom wedding photos and videos captured by us!

Atlantis Ballroom Wedding Photos and Videos

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