Bradford Estate Wedding Photos and Videos

Bradford Estate Wedding Photos

About Bradford Estate

Located in Hainesport, NJ, The Bradford Estate is an elegant and classic venue overlooking the gorgeous Rancocas Creek. The family-owned venue is part of The Clarks Landing Group collection of premier New Jersey Wedding Venues, operated by George Truesdale and his sons. With over twenty years of dedicated experience, The Bradford Estate is the ideal destination for intimate wedding ceremonies and receptions. In addition, the wide-open space can comfortably hold over 200 people, which is perfect for weddings with those long guest lists!  Notably, this prestigious venue only hosts one wedding at a time, which ensures that the full attention is entirely and uniquely yours for the best The Bradford Estate Wedding Photos ever!

Above all, the romantic atmosphere and picture-worthy gardens at The Bradford Estate are perfect for any wedding. The five-acre land that surrounds the venue is magnificent for endless photography opportunities! In particular, the private outdoor ceremony section features lush gardens, a stunning fountain, seasonal flowers, a charming gazebo, and more nature backdrops.

If you thought the outside of the estate was simply gorgeous, you will be especially blown away by the inside! The Grand Ballroom, cocktail area, and private suites will complete your overall wedding experience. Once you step foot inside The Bradford Estate, you are immediately welcomed by a hardwood dance floor, Italian chandeliers, and classic gold Chiavari chairs.


Your Perfect Wedding Day Menu

Along with the luxurious ambiance, The Bradford Estate offers an authentic and customizable menu to accommodate every guest in attendance! Behind the fine culinary art is the incredibly talented Executive Chef Hassan. From the fancy plated dinners to the mouthwatering dessert bars, your guests are in for a real treat during every step of the wedding night. Of course, we cannot forget about cocktail hour. Their assortment of drinks and hors d’oeuvres are sure to please! As Chef Hassan creates your perfect wedding day menu for you, we have been busy capturing The Bradford Estate Wedding Photos and videos.

Portraits . . .

At Enchanted Celebrations, we have had the honor to work so closely with this amazing venue. After spending the day with each one of these couples, we wanted to share some of our favorite The Bradford Estate Wedding Photos here!

First up is Mandy and Alex! This adorable military couple tied the knot on April 19, 2019 and shared quite the magical spring evening! The Bradford Estate’s outdoor ceremony space features lush gardens and ornate architecture which complimented Mandy and Alex’s style perfectly. When kissing his beautiful bride, Alex took the opportunity to dip her in true romantic fashion. What a gentleman!

Craving some dark and moody vibes at The Bradford Estate? Don’t miss out on Mandy and Alex’s nighttime portraits too. Our photographers captured the married couple as Alex performed yet another dip, this time in the rain! We just can’t get enough of this perfectly snapped portrait.

 . . . And Puppies!

For some more Bradford Estate wedding photos, peep Amanda and Ryan’s August wedding! These cuties give a whole new meaning to “puppy love.” Seriously, check out their adorable portraits with their dog. Everyone was all smiles (and tongue) as our photographers snapped some cute pics. Their puppy even wore a scarf that read “I do too!.” Afterwards, Amanda and Ryan took some lovely Bradford Estate Wedding Photos in the venue’s colorful courtyard and white gazebo. 

If you want to see more Bradford Estate Wedding Photos beneath the gazebo, check out Tanisha and AJ‘s October 2019 wedding! This wedding showed off the stunning outdoor courtyard at night (who doesn’t love twinkly string lights?!). They shared a sweet kiss as autumn foliage bloomed around them. However, the courtyard isn’t the only thing Tanisha and AJ’s photos show off. Peep their reception pics to see the ballroom in all of its glory! The wooden dance floor and ornate columns proved to se a romantic atmosphere for Tanisha and AJ’s first dance as husband and wife! Above all, it’s clear that these two cuties picked the perfect venue for them.

Spring and Summer at The Bradford Estate

As pictures tell the story of a wedding day, videography lets you experience it all over again with the couple! With that said, let’s take a look at Jackeline and Humberto who got married on a warm afternoon in March. The weather was jus perfect for a springtime wedding! To add to the springtime vibes, the nearby lake glistened in the sun as foliage bloomed around it.  However, the spring blossoms could not compare to the smiles on Jackeline and Humberto’s faces all day long!

Likewise, Katelyn and Seth didn’t stop smiling either! Their Bradford Estate wedding videos will put you in summer mode!  From Katelyn’s amazing white dress to the temperate weather, the day couldn’t have been more filled with summer love and beauty. Clearly, our NJ Wedding Videographer had a blast filming their splendid summer celebration.

Finally, we can’t forget about Kasey and John! Before their ceremony, our photographers took a creative capture of Kasey’s dress swaying in the wind while hanging from The Bradford Estate’s stunning gazebo. Afterwards, friends and family filled up the gorgeous outdoor venue in preparation for their nuptials.  First, Kasey was escorted down the aisle by her father who gave her away with a smile to John. The couple exchanged vows and sealed the deal with a kiss. Their guests cheered on as the newly pronounced husband and wife made their way back up the aisle and to their reception.  In the end, their decision to hold their wedding at The Bradford Estate was definitely the right one!

Want to See More?

We know you do! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers and NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured any of these couple’s dream Bradford Estate weddings without the warm hospitality of its staff members! The five-star customer service at The Bradford Estate comes from the extremely friendly staff that are happy to go above and beyond in service. As a matter of fact, the personal bride and groom attendants are absolutely amazing! Overall, we cannot wait to return in the future. Take a look below at our The Bradford Estate Wedding Photos portfolio!

Bradford Estate Wedding Photos and Videos

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