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About Perona Farms

Located in Andover, New Jersey, Perona Farms offers one hundred years of experience in crafting an elegant, rustic wedding of your wildest dreams. That’s right…one hundred years! Since their founding in 1917, this exceptional event venue has been the perfect setting for a wedding, special event, and even Sunday brunch. They offer top-tier service and exquisite cuisine to all of their clientele. A full-fledged family affair, the amazing events team at Perona Farms are sure to provide you with an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Speaking of extraordinary, there are incredible Perona Farms wedding photos to be seen here! At Enchanted Celebrations, we are honored to take part in many of our loving couple’s wedding celebrations at this beautiful farm venue. Let’s learn more about the family traditions and everything the historic Perona Farms has to offer!

Over A Century of Over The Moon Service

Before we check out all things Perona Farms wedding photos, time for a brief history lesson! Perona Farms describes its birth as a “dream come true that went slightly ‘off the wall.” After purchasing a 260-acre dairy farm, founder Emil Perona hoped to live a simple life of a farmer; however, finances became crippling. Thankfully, his brother John owned a Manhattan restaurant and would send his guests to the country to step away from the bustling city for a bit. With the help of Emil’s wife, her amazing cooking made the atmosphere at the farm feel even more like home! Soon, more family members were helping out to deliver fine food and service to locals. Even guests, such as Maurice DeBergh, helped out in the kitchen and later married Emil’s daughter, Aida!

Altogether, for 100 years and counting, the family traditions and history still remain of high importance. What began as a dairy farm and old farmhouse has transformed into a unique catering experience surrounded by the North Jersey countryside!

The Grounds, Sights and Sounds

Perona Farm wedding photosCountryside views, please! Since 1917, Perona Farms’ sprawling estate has become famous for its tranquil scenery…and we understand why! With its venues (The Barn and The Reserve), lush gardens, patios, apple orchards, and its very own lake, Perona Farms is an ideal location to take all of your wedding photos and videos. Seriously, though… you do not want to miss your look at Faith and Aaron’s Perona Farm wedding photos. Our photographers took enchanting portraits of the bride and groom in front of the serene Perona Lake. Thanks to the venue, their Perona Farm wedding photos look like they were taken straight out of a fairy tale. In addition, their grounds are so expansive that you can even have an unforgettable firework display as part of your wedding night. Nothing says ‘Happily Ever After” like fireworks, are we right?!

The Barn: Holy Cow it’s Gorgeous

Perona Farm wedding photos

Let’s talk venues! Perona Farms offers two picturesque location options for your wedding. First, they have The Barn. Built in the 1930’s, The Barn is a prime location for a country wedding in Northern New Jersey. With both indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, The Barn provides a heap of options in regards to your wedding and reception.  See for yourself as you catch a glimpse at Jessica and David’s Perona Farms wedding photos! They held their ceremony and reception inside of The Barn, strung with warm, glowing lights. The whimsical and rustic Barn provided the perfect atmosphere for Jessica and David’s nuptials and later, their all-out dance party! Likewise, Christine and Eric spent their magical wedding night on the dance floor inside the Barn. The string lights were shining all around them as bright as their smiles!

The Reserve: Building Memories Since the 20’s

As the Barn creates a glorious countrified ambiance, The Reserve is a second option that is the perfect combination of elegance and homey. Built in the 1920’s, this awe-inspiring estate has both indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, including an apple orchard, island, and patio. Its reception space will welcome your guests with its stone columns that outline the room and custom lighting system. One worthy client shout out, Faith and Aaron, used the soft light of The Reserve’s chandeliers to their full advantage. You can see the happy bride glowing in all of their gorgeous Perona Farms wedding photos!

Private Charm at the Farm!

As if these two venues did not steal your heart enough, here’s a little something that sounds extra *suite!* As Perona Farms continues to renovate their event spaces, they have new and modern private suites that will provide you with that precious extra time with your closest family and friends before your big day. Plus, just think about all those extra Perona Farms wedding photos that’ll fill up your album from the morning preparations! (Peep Casey and Ryan’s video that shows off the bride’s lace dress hung by the window!). These private rooms include plenty of comfortable seating, a quaint kitchen and counter space, a TV, and even a Foosball table. How can you resist this private charm at the farm?

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A Seasonal Culinary Vision

We know what you have been waiting for! Finally, it’s time to talk about the yummy eats. The talented culinary team at Perona Farms prepare extensive seasonal menus. With the help of their on-site greenhouse, Perona Farms uses only the freshest ingredients of the season.

During cocktail hour, you may see servers passing gourmet hors-d’oeuvres such as lobster cobbler or savory artichoke cheesecake. After taking one (or more!) of those, you can enjoy refreshing drinks like an Appletini or Pineapple Coloda. (Count us in!). Next, you go for a hot chafing dish like the Southern style quick cured pork loin, and it’s as tender as you imagine it being! Then, you are acquainted with one of their Live Action Stations. From fresh pasta (bring on all the cheese) to fish tacos (hello, mahi-mahi), you have every opportunity to indulge on the elevated cuisine at Perona Farms!

As you’re waiting around for your big day and those Perona Farms wedding photos, you totally have to check out their Sunday brunch buffet menu opened to the public! We’re talking Belgian waffles, donut bars, carving stations, crepes, chilled platters, and more. (Oh, and you can’t have brunch without a fresh mimosa or Bloody Mary!). Whether you’re dreaming of tying the knot during the fall or mid-summer, the chefs at Perona Farms are sure to satisfy all of your cravings and beyond.

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More rustic wedding vibes? Definitely! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers or NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured any of our amazing clients’ Perona Farms wedding photos without the helpful hands at Perona Farms. We cannot wait to return to this rustic venue for many more country-inspired weddings to catch on camera and film. Take a look below at more Perona Farms wedding photos and videos from us!

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Perona Farms Wedding Photos and Videos

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